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August 1, 2007 – October 10, 2007
Seductive Pink Lotus Series——LU YUNHUA Oil Painting Exhibition
For the past five years, artist Lu Yun Hua has been experimenting with glazed porcelain for his Seductive Pink Lotus Series.

September 21, 2005 – November 15, 2005
Coziness in Color—Cheng HuaPing’s Oil Painting Exhibition
The blank canvas, to him, is to be filled with irresistible attraction and infinite possibilities. He uses big piece of and abundant colors freely, which brings you the feeling of geniality and natural. Meanwhile, you can confide your heart without any block. It also gives you heat, just like the scalding lava but still soft and quiet. He always strives to make the painting lively, smoothly and multicolored.

May 9,2009
China. Art. 60 Years——Xiong Enpu’s Calligraphy Art Exhibition
KIC and ArtNetworking organized and invited Mr. Enpu to hold this solo Calligraphy Art Exhibition is to promote and popularized the traditional Chinese culture so that more people will understand the unique character of Chinese culture from the essence of Enpu’s writing.

2006年6月14日 - 2006年8月8日
Visions of Vietnam - Sarah Bishop’s Oil Painting Exhibition
The background to Sarah painting these images is that she travels to Asian countries with her backpack and camers okus sketch pad. She takes hundreds of photo's and sketches, lives, eats and shares the locals lives. When she has breathed in enough of the atmosphere Sarah returns to Sydney and her studio where she paints up a storm.

Nov 28 - Feb 28
Shanghai Time And Space
Chen Huaping Oil Painting Exhibition——Shanghai Time And Space