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About Us
Interviewed by People Daily
for His contribution in Bringing
the Best English Training to China

University Student
and A New Immigrant


A Young
Technical Field Sales Guy


Invited to China by CCPIT
& China Petrochemical Corp.
Chinese Entrepreneurs
Visited to the U.S.
Mr. Liu HaiSu Celebrated
His 96th Birthday in LA
Assist Chinese Furniture
Manufacturers Make Entry
Into the U.S. Market
Promoted Education Cooperation
Between China & U.S.
Introduced Famous Sculpture
Artist Team to Do Commissioned
Work for Jackie Chan
The Director of Shanghai
Charity Foundation was invited to
attended ArtNetworking event

Cooperated with Shuion Group to
establish KIC-ArtNetworking Ceter


Interviewed by iCifo Property Wealth
media group


Opening Ceremony
of KIC-ArtNetworking Center
Invited by Taiwanese artists
to establish Taipei branch office
International Music School in China