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July 27, 2005 – September 20, 2005
Days Over the Clouds——Shen Ya’s Oil Painting Exhibition
Her works are unique and energetic. They may be loud or quiet, exaggerating or moderate. However, they, with no exception, are the expressions of the artist’s true feeling. The ART 50 will bridge you and the artist, experience the magic created by the interaction of the colors, understand her nature and the freedom. It is a world of familiarity and curiosity, while it is a real world ----- days over the clouds.

September 17——November 19, 2008
Chiara Lukacs Arroyo—Psychological italian painter
On all her art she takes the beneficent teachings of Psychosynthesis, not just as method, but as existential vision of life, personal growth’s programme, way of living.

January 27, 2005 – March 31, 2005
Homesick Feeling——Shen XiuHua’s New Artwork Exhibition
What is exhibited now are ArtNetworking’s artist Shen XiuHua’s latest artwork. Her works mostly show us landscape in the west of Hunan province.

July 26, 2008 – September 17, 2008
Dancing through Shanghai——by David W. Dieter
While living in Shanghai, California artist David Dieter, has been inspired by China’s customs, the community’s love of dance, and Shanghai’s neighborhoods. In a variety of different works and styles, he combines his passion for painting dancers and musicians with images of Shanghai’s residents and settings creating contemporary images of China with a western flare.

Jan. 29, 2008 – Mar. 27, 2008
Stagnancy and Fission——Approaching Zhuwei’s Painting
The exhibition is divided into three groups: lotus series, abstract freehand brushwork series, and cats and fish series. Seen from the painting language, those paintings exude modernistic art  expressing emotion, elegance, beauty, romance, and enthusiasm and unrestraint.