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Han Dai-Yu

Han Dai-Yu is a Neo-post-modernist artist, writer and educator teaching, writing and painting at Loyola Marymount College in Los Angeles.  Han Dai-Yu received his BFA and MFA from the China National Academy of Art.  Combining Western and traditional Chinese art and culture, he developed and instituted a Chinese Comprehensive Art program for the Academy.

From 2001-02, Dai-Yu was the principal Artist-in-Residence at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris.  He spent 2002-06 in the United States as a visiting scholar and artist, and where he has taught drawing and painting for over ten years.  He has exhibited internationally at the Shanghai Art Museum and Museum of Chinese Painting Institute in Shanghai, the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, and the LA Contemporary Art Gallery in Los Angeles.  Dai-Yu has recently been invited to exhibit with SCOPE Miami and numerous Contemporary Art Fairs. 

Dai-Yu’s writing on drawing and painting has been published by the China National Academy Press and Taipei International Cultural Publishing House.  His most recent textbooks, Drawing Code (East meets West), was published by University Readers in 2009, Ignite the Soul (The Art of Figure Drawing), was published by Cognella Academic Publishing in 2013.

Donna J Gamache

Donna J Gamache is a writer and public relations practitioner with more than three decades of marketing communications experience in both traditional and new media.  She graduated from Webster University with a BA in psychology and a minor in computer applications technology.

Ms. Gamache was director of business communications for Lawrence Group, a globally driven, international design firm based in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA.  Lawrence Group's international operations include award-winning architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture in the US and China.  She joined Lawrence Group in 1999, and her communications leadership has earned it recognition as one of the industry's designated US "Hot Firms" and one of the "Top 50 Firms Shaping the Future of Saint Louis" several years in a row.

Yao Hai Cheng

Mr. Yao Hai Cheng is an artist and a master of I Ching, member of China Calligraphy Association (Shanghai branch), member of Sino-Japan Water Ink painting Association, member of Chinese Orchestra Association, and senior consultant of Shanghai Xinhua Auction Agency for calligraphy and painting works,  I Ching consultant of dozens of cemeteries in China. 

His great achievements are in the fields of traditional Chinese calligraphy, paintings, music, I Ching and Chi Gong.  Over decades of development he created the painting of I Ching Five Elements and became known as “the Chinese [master] who can draw the I Ching”.  This art improves Feng Shui incorporating the five elements, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water using the theory that forces and energies in nature are constant, smooth and harmonious providing transition from one phase to another, like one season flows into the next.  The works capture the cyclical and interactive nature of the universe, with the five elements through the use of colors and flow.  Using a clock and paintings to adjust the Se (color), Sheng (sound), Xiang (thought) and Bian (change), the works achieve balance, equilibrium, reducing obstacles —providing unity.  Through this colorful and distinctive art, Master Yao unlocks the secrets of nature to allow us to achieve happiness.  The resulting are work provides a pleasurable and tranquil environment which can help one to avoid problems and enjoy good luck.

Andy Rotman-Zaid

Andy Rotman-Zaid is a business leader, advisor, artist and connector with more than 30 years of experience in graphics, fine art sales and marketing.

Currently Andy is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Nine Square Art Productions (9SA) which is in its pre-launch development phase.  The 9SA mission is to create networks and opportunities to artists and art groups of all disciplines using virtual and “on the ground” bridges for cultural, social and economic vitalization of our communities worldwide.

Prior to that he developed Creative Collaborative, Inc. (2008) to produce collaborations for interactive public art installations. CCI Brings together artists, writers, musicians and designers and matches and manages public art opportunities complete through installations.  Andy also created Z-Quest, Inc. (1992) in conjunction with the Davidson Group (a printing and graphic arts company), to manage and implement graphic merchandising programs with his including: Citibank, EDS, Children’s Memorial Hospital, Wesley Jessen, Coca-Cola and others.

Andy holds a B.S. in Psychology and Art from Lake Forest College.  His education is ongoing as he uses every day as a new learning experience from which to draw inspiration.

Ralph F. Jagodka

Dr. Ralph F. Jagodka is Professor, Business Management at Mt. San Antonio College.  His professional background includes: International marketing, international sales, procurement, and trading as the former International Marketing and General Manager for a Taiwanese consumer electronics manufacturing and trading company; Far East licensing experience, through Japan , for the manufacture and distribution of Disney product lines;  Value-added international marketing research and consulting experience specialized to international marketing and purchasing as the former Director of the Center for International Trade Development; Provides world wide web programming services. Design and deploy Internet web sites and applications, specializing in database web integration projects utilizing classic ASP and PHP programming. Dr. Jagodka has a Doctorate from the University of La Verne, School of Organizational Management, an Executive M. B. A. from Pepperdine University.