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China. Art. 60 Years——Xiong Enpu’s Calligraphy Art Exhibition

KIC and ArtNetworking organized and invited Mr. Enpu to hold this solo Calligraphy Art Exhibition is to promote and popularized the traditional Chinese culture so that more people will understand the unique character of Chinese culture from the essence of Enpu’s writing. At the same time, 2009 is the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Republic, especially at the eve of this coming Mother Day, the organizers would like to take this opportunity to sincerely present a special gift to the mother land during this occasion.

Therefore, they have invited the greatest filial Liu Ting who’s famed from carrying his mother on his back to school to join us for this ceremony. Together with his mother, they both will participate in this event. During the event, a piece of Enpu’s work which is written especially for Liu Ting, will be on auction. All the proceeds received from this particular auction will be used for Treatment of Liu Ting’s mother’s disease. As a matter of fact, the relation between Enpu and Liu Ting is much closer than we can imagine. They go back when Liu Ting was in his first year of university study. Enpu and his family members have already started to support him unconditionally, accompanying him through his entire university study with kind and sincerity.

In preparing for the Calligraphy exhibition, Enpu worked day and night. After spending nearly one month, and finally finished a copy from Sui Guoting’s work which is more than 20 meters long. This special piece of great work will also be shown at the exhibition. Since the late 70s, Mr. Enpu has been addicted to the theatrical research of calligraphy. After practicing over hundreds time, his calligraphy gradually formed a style. The work will finally be shown at the exhibition is very skillful in writing, precise in structure. Along with Enpu’s personal understanding of the meaning, it could be regarded as an excellent work by any means.

Times:May 9,2009

For many years, Mr. Enpu has been devoting himself to Calligraphy and has made many good friends. During his interview, Mr. Enpu always emphasized that “To make friends from all walks of life, we must have charitable heart towards each other.”

As an outsider and academic calligrapher, it would be difficult for him to establish himself in Shanghai. However, he believes that work will speak for itself. It has to be both valuable in content and full of individualistic style. Moreover, it should also be accepted by experts and popularized among ordinary people. With such principle, Mr. Enpu soon established himself firmly in the Shanghai calligraphy art circle.