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Coziness in Color—Cheng HuaPing’s Oil Painting Exhibition

Chen HuaPing, the young artist of ArtNetworking. He always fantasizes the life silently, imagines the nature and the wide, multiple and interlaced space in this universe. For him it is really a wonderful experience to stroll, let up and breathe in the boundless space.

The blank canvas, to him, is to be filled with irresistible attraction and infinite possibilities. He uses big piece of and abundant colors freely, which brings you the feeling of geniality and natural. Meanwhile, you can confide your heart without any block.It also gives you heat, just like the scalding lava but still soft and quiet. He always strives to make the painting lively, smoothly and multicolored. His paintings touch the life deeply and take off sufferings away from it.

Chen HuaPing chooses painting as the most important part of his life and it is his beautiful dream forever.

Times:September 21, 2005 – November 15, 2005
Destination: 50/F, 728 Po Dong Ave, Novotel Atlantis Shanghai
Address: 50/F, 728 Po Dong Ave, Novotel Atlantis Shanghai

1988, graduated from Fujian Ningde Art School

1989, studied with Hong Kong artist Zeng Wenfa

1991, instructor of Xiamen Zhongxing Arts Co., Ltd (Hong Kong)

1996, full time painter of Hong Kong Yinghua Arts Co., Ltd

2003, his large oil painting << Space Time of Shanghai>> was collected by Taiwan Kangkai Dress Design Company

2003, attended Shanghai Art Fair

2004, attended Shanghai Art Fair

2004, studied at Normal University pf Shanghai

2005, attended “Visual Charm-2005 Shanghai Youth Art Show”

2006, Solon Exhibition at ART50 Novotel Shanghai, sponsored by ArtNetworking