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Days Over the Clouds——Shen Ya’s Oil Painting Exhibition

Upon glancing at these oil paintings, colorful and bright for some, and simple and elegant for the others, has it ever occurred to you to get to know this young artist of ArtNetworking, Shen Ya?

Having been learning painting since she was a child, Shen Ya is not confined within any well-established formula. When she is not engaged in art creation, she is quiet and intelligent, and is listening to the feelings of her own heart and trying to seize every momentary inspiration. Yet when she is, she is always flooded with enormous passions. The blank canvas, to her, is to be filled with irresistible attraction and indefinite possibilities.

Her works are unique and energetic. They may be loud or quiet, exaggerating or moderate. However, they, with no exception, are the expressions of the artist’s true feeling. The ART 50 will bridge you and the artist, experience the magic created by the interaction of the colors, understand her nature and the freedom. It is a world of familiarity and curiosity, while it is a real world ----- days over the clouds.

Times:July 27, 2005 – September 20, 2005
Destination: 50/F, 728 Po Dong Ave, Novotel Atlantis Shanghai
Address: 50/F, 728 Po Dong Ave, Novotel Atlantis Shanghai

An art teacher in Applied Art Design Department, Shanghai Second Polytechnic University. In the year 2001, after having completed her four-year college life, she pursued her study of art in NanJing Arts Institute, under the instruction of professor Shen XingGong and was granted an M.A. degree in 2004.

As an undergraduate she used to specialize in Mural painting but later switched to oil painting.Besides, she also possesses a strong passion for Chinese painting and Ornament picture in comprehensive material. She has sharp feeling in art, and excellent basic training.

Oil painting “The Strange Scene” prevailed “Visual Charm-2005 Shanghai Youth Art Show”.

Oil painting “Gentle Breeze in May” prevailed “Fine arts calligraphy photographic match of Jiangsu Province for celebrating the 54th anniversary of the establishment of the People's Republic of China” and got the gold medal.

Oil painting “Gentle Breeze in May Ⅱ” prevailed “oil painting of Jiangsu Province for celebrating the 55th anniversary of the establishment of the People's Republic of China”.

Oil painting “Love Song of Miao Nationality” prevailed “The first canvas sculpture exhibition in Nanjing” and get the copper medal.

Oil painting “The Season of the Poem” prevailed “2003 oil painting show in Jiangsu province”.

Mural painting “Dreams in Jiangnan” and “a dream of space” prevailed “the third Exhibition of Mural painting in JiangSu province” and rewarded “excellent artwork” separately.

Oil painting “A Girl” prevailed “2003 painting show in Nanjing”.