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Homesick Feeling——Shen XiuHua’s New Artwork Exhibition

What is exhibited now are ArtNetworking’s artist Shen XiuHua’s latest artwork. Shen XiuHua, member of Shanghai Watercolor Artists Association, graduated from Fine Arts College of Shanghai University. She has held exhibitions time after time, which all make good winnings.

Her works mostly show us landscape in the west of Hunan province. With soulful ardor, she experiences local natural conditions and social customs like a passionate poet. The distance between colors he uses and the reality leads to a dreamy domain, which is a consummate combination of oriental aesthetics and occidental impressionism.

Watercolor paintings, an art of light and color, are adept in manifesting human sensibilities. In these works, Shen XiuHua employs high degree of professional proficiency of watercolor paintings, such as dry-wet technique, incisively and vividly describes the unique sceneries and people.

In some of her oil paintings, she lays emphasis on ethical colors, such as soil red, azurite and other dazzling colors, which endow temples with sobriety, silence and strong westward flavors.

Times:January 27, 2005 – March 31, 2005
Destination: 50/F, 728 Po Dong Ave, Novotel Atlantis Shanghai
Address: 50/F, 728 Po Dong Ave, Novotel Atlantis Shanghai

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Shanghai University and member of Shanghai Watercolor Association.

Her artwork displays western Hunan‘s exquisite natural scenery and the true, the good and the beautiful human nature.