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Wang YuYuan: Elegant “Time Precipitation”

“Sunshine, Time, Shadow,” Wang Yuyuan’s solo exhibition, was given a warm opening at Homeless gallery on Oct 19. ArtNetworking, the organizer of this exhibition, presented a special art salon for the audience with the pop music of the 1980s combined with paintings. This particular opening perfectly expressed the theme of the exhibition—the beauty of the precipitation, and based on the response by the audience, it struck a responsive chord in the hearts of all.

The exhibition had more than ten pieces of the artist’s classic works on show, comprising his watercolor and Chinese ink-color work. Wang is good at drawing inspiration from the fragments of life. The themes of the works include the beautiful scenery of Xinjiang province, where he has lived for several years, as well as the scenery of the small town in Jiangnan, where he grew up. The audience can share the artist’s nostalgic feeling and wonderful memory of past time from these artworks.

When the audience entered the Homeless, they are surrounded immediately by the warm and cordial atmosphere that was created by the paintings. All those in attendance were moved by the paintings arising from Wang YuYuan’s many years of experience and precipitation, and by the classic songs which had the desired affect on several people. When they fell under the spell of the memories recalled by those familiar songs, they also felt great empathy with the artist and for the paintings, and were affected by the beauty after the time precipitation.