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Mu YiLin

The name Mu Yilin is well known to people. He has been active in painting circles for almost 30 years and had ever won National Second Award, National Excellent Award, Shanghai First Award and others, over ten in total in various contests. He had been to Japan to give lectures, and held personal painting exhibitions. His works had been spread to everywhere and met with great favor in the world. People are eagerly watching and awaiting him.

So far, Mu Yilin has attached importance to the research and heritage of the traditions of Chinese art. When he was learning art Shanghai Fine Arts School, he had been immersed in the sea of traditional arts while solidly doing the basic skill training such as color and sketch portrait and others. He worked very hard on the study of Chinese traditional paintings and calligraphy. He spent a whole summer vocation in copying the typical works of all ages of masters in Shanghai Museum. He made a careful analysis, research and copy painting to Yang Shao Culture, the patterns on bronze ware in Shang and Zhou Dynasties, mirrors in Han Dynasty, paintings on bricks, jade carving, pottery figures, silk paintings, wall paintings, China in Song Dynasty, incising decorations, paper cut, eaves tiles and embroidery in Qing Dynasty with several years' efforts. His high performance won favorable comments from teachers and classmates for him and was awarded an honor by higher authorities and the school in 1964. The distance between the shining points of traditional arts and the demand of modern times made him realize that to innovate with times is the essence of Chinese traditions, which positioned where his art practices should go. He is an earnest student before masters' works, but when creating his own works, he would see them as friends and competitors. He knows to defeat his competitors with his own advantages and then widen the distance in terms of concept, sensation and art language, trying to find a new path to art. These are exactly the qualities all ages of masters owned! His paintings are impressive, because he always embraces life with his sincerity of artist and his inner depth of poet. He changes all of his sensations and inspirations into paintings to share with people, so his paintings full of poetic aesthetics can always resonate widely among people. In his paintings there are a lot of different functional art languages. Different artistic conceptions reveal themselves in different formats, and you may feel that all domestic and overseas masters of all ages have come to his favor. His noticeable personality, sense of the times and the strong sense of life, however, come out vividly from his typical style formed by his unique feelings, unique artistic concepts and unique art languages. Therefore the connotation, lasting appeal and original decorative forms of his works are shocking and fascinating to people. International friends also speak highly of his uniqueness.

Mu Yilin’s paintings belong to both of the Chinese nation and the whole world. He is in a good time when he is middle-aged, full of confidence, with deep accumulation of culture and art and a spirit of pioneering and constant innovation. And the more important is that he is in a good time of art development, so he will surely fully display his capacities in the world painting realm and achieved greater success. As his teacher, I will be happy to hear that sort of news about him.

On silk of traditional Chinese painting

Silk painting, generally refers to the painting which artists draw on silk, textiles, yarn and crepe. The silk scroll painting is one of them. The silk painting from Chu and Western Han Dynasty are known by the world. Some of the ancient silk paintings from China have been collected by many famous museums around the world. Silk painting is a treasure of China!

Chinese ancient silk painting is the origin of Chinese ink painting. The 3,000-year history of Chinese painting is occupied about 1600 years by silk painting. Until the rice paper was invented in the Tang Dynasty, Chinese artists transferred the technique, patterns and standard of silk painting to rice paper painting. From then on, two tributaries of Chinese painting were developed. Artists from Tang and Song dynasty mainly chose to draw on silk. After Yuan dynasty, artists generally chose the Rice paper to draw. Because of the unique characteristic of the rice paper which has penetration and good blur features, the performance of the Rice paper is very impressive and it has attracted lots of artists. With the development of the ancient society, the ink painting rapidly developed and the silk painting was ignored. Several decades later, the Chinese painting has to face the situation that the black and white ink painting is highly developed and the colorful silk painting is weak.

However, it is no doubt that the silk painting is an independent branch of traditional Chinese painting. It is unique and irreplaceable. The unique characteristics of the material make silk painting have a different aesthetic effects and incomparable for other types of art. Currently, the old silk painting is revived and shining in the art circles on behalf of Chinese painting together with the ink painting.

Mu Yilin who creates his works under the pseudonym of Yilin or Heshaobai is a professor, a member of China Artists Association. He has successively served as associate professor of Shanghai University, dean of the department of fine arts in Shanghai Oriental Culture College, dean of the exhibition department and the exhibition center of Shanghai Film Art Academy, evaluation expert of Shanghai municipal government, researcher of China Academy of Management Science and academic pacemaker of Shanghai Film Art Academy. His Chinese paintings were presented at the National Fine Art Exhibitions and the Domestic and International Art Exchange Exhibitions for many times and have ever won the first prize at Shanghai Exhibition of Fine Arts in 1979, and been awarded excellent creation prize by All China Federation of Trade Unions at the same year. He has also won the second prize and excellent creation prize in the National Exhibition of Chinese paintings and the first prize in the International Exhibition of Chinese Paintings opened by the Ministry of Culture and the excellent creation prize in the 2nd Exhibition Flower and Bird Paintings. He had been invited to Japan, America and Canada to hold private painting exhibitions. Besides,being collected by collectors at home and abroad. His works are mostly collected by the China Artists Association, the Shanghai Artists Association, government agencies, museums, art galleries as well as five-star hotels. His Chinese painting Waterfalls over Yan Mountain was presented to the president of Yugoslavia by China as a national gift. His publications are Mu Yilin Painting Collections and Mu Yilin Modern Silk Painting Collections. He devoted himself to the inheriting and research on Chinese silk painting since 1983 created special modern silk painting art and carried it forward in the world's art circles.
1944 Born in Shanghai
1950 went to private Xi Kong primary school
1955 went back to work on land in the farmer cooperative of Zhuyuandou Village, Gaozhao Country, Jianxing County, Zhejiang Province which was his mother's hometown
1956 graduated from the central primary school in Xinsheng town, Jiaxing County, Zhejiang Province
1957 was admitted to Songshan Junior Middle School in Shanghai
1958 settled in the people's commune in Minxing District in the suburb of Shanghai and worked on land for 8 months, during which he followed his teacher to draws a lot of wall paintings singing of Three Red Banners and then he got the instructions from Mr. Chen Song and got to know Chinese mountain and river paintings
1959 back to Songshan Middle School. His Chinese painting Whole Family Studying Chairman Mao was selected to be present on Shanghai Fine Arts Exhibition and then he got the instructions from Mr. Wang Qingzhi to systematically learn Chinese mountain and river paintings
1960 was admitted to a preparatory department of Shanghai Fine Arts School
1963 finished his preparatory schoolwork and was kept to stay at Shanghai Fine Arts School receiving college education
1968 graduated as a 1966 junior college graduate as required jointly by all the students. He received reeducation from Shanghai Tiehua Printing Factory Co., Ltd afterwards and successively served as plate worker, printer and foil worker. He had ever drawn oil paintings of Chairman Mao and Chairman Hua Guofeng for Shanghai Finance University, the original Shanghai No.3 Iron and Steel Plant. Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital and other teens of units for the next ten years.
1977 working in Shanghai Jiuxin Enamel Factory for 15 years and had successively served as person in charge and deputy chief designer of Art Design Department, and meanwhile as group leader of Chinese painting group in Shanghai Workers Fine Art Creation Group, president of Workers Association of Fine Arts in Nanshi District and teacher of the Fine Arts Department in East China Normal University
1983 started to study and create silk paintings
1992 transferred to Shanghai branch. China Academy of Management Science to work as deputy director in the Consulting Department. And then he was transferred to Shanghai University to work as associate professor, researcher in the laboratory of Chinese and Japanese paintings and calligraphy, director of the research center of oriental culture in the Department of Foreign Exchanges in the School of Art, teacher in the art center of Shanghai University. dean and professor of the Art Design Department in Shanghai Oriental Culture College
2004 served as deputy president of Shanghai University branch. Shanghai Senior Professors Association, researcher of China Academy of Management Science, scoring team leader of art college entrance exam in Shanghai Municipal Educational Examinations Authority, appraisal expert of Shanghai municipal government procurement, dean of the Exhibition Department, director of the exhibition design center. pacemaker and professor in Shanghai Film Art Academy