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Chen Qiong

Chen Qiong was graduated from China Academy of Art on June 2013. And, she lives in Shanghai now.

In painting, Chen Qiong reproduced the dream of fairy tale color with brilliant colors. Her paintings were divided into two kinds: abstract and concrete.

Chen Qiong's figurative works are like stories, with a little girl in each of them, just like the series of illustrations Dali wrote for Alice in wonderland. The little girl shuttles through colorful fantasy scenes and experiences all kinds of adventures. She is the incarnation of the artist herself.

Chen Qiong's abstract works are occasional. They will be randomly created according to their own memories of dreams and their feelings at that time. The lines and colors are intricate, twining, dancing, forming gorgeous patterns and creating overlapping and staggered spaces. Full of magic and soft rhythm. Every creation is the catharsis and expression of her whole heart.

In sculpture, Chen Qiong chooses the clay material which is easy to form, can be recycled and can depict the image in depth to complete her own work.

Her sculptures combine figurative and abstract.

At one stage, Chen Qiong's works were rather rigid, but now her works show a soft and beautiful side, which has the power of strength and unity of opposites in her works...