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York Hsiao

The art development of York Hsiao is in-sync with the contemporary art, multi-facet and imaginative. One thing can be certain that the artist has spent a lot of time and efforts with local and international art business to maintain this close relationship to the contemporary art community.

Art relates to life and comes from life. The image of words, Facebook, and sexual activities are essential elements in life. They are “popular, transient, expendable, low-cost, mass-produced, young, witty, sexy, gimmicky, glamorous, and Big business.”

York Hsiao’s “Pop Style Abstract Expressionism” image trilogy is a product and symbol of current time. It reminds people to realize the essence of art in a different angle, and to reflect on one’s own life to sense the materialistic world and the activities in mind. Through the images of totemic forms, York Hsiao spells out his idea of human life, behind all the struggles, back and forth, to best demonstrate the Zen belief that the common life experience of human senses are all empty.

In York Hsiao’s own words, “Art is the work of Spirits. It converts matters into images and thoughts into creation. It is a career that is full of life.”

York Hsiao was born in Taipei in 1956, and since his childhood has shown an abundance of talent and a passion for painting. He studied graphic design and during that period won two awards in both Chinese and watercolor painting competitions. In 1989 he won the Fine Art Commodities Design Exhibition’s Second Prize and Prize for Excellence. This demonstrated his extraordinarily creative gifts once again.

As an excellent high quality artist who is deeply involved in the research of paintings, lithographs, and sculpture. During this period he has promoted lithography, and frequently studied in France doing further research on that subject.

In order to really fulfill the idea that “Art becomes people’s lives,” he believes that “life should be artistic” and that art has no national boundaries. His passionate enthusiasm for art is constantly enkindled and never recedes. Now he is forced to race with time and make redoubled efforts to produce creations.

2009-2017,Taiwan Art Gallery Association, Director

2011-12,University of Taipei, Assistant Professor

2009,Art Taipei 2009, creative organizer

2008,Taipei National University of Arts, Fostering an Arts Community, Lecturer

2007-2008,Taiwan Art Gallery Association, Chairman

2007,Taiwan CMBA, Lecturer

2006,National Taiwan Normal University EMBA, Lecturer

2005-07,Taiwan Art Gallery Association, Vice-Chairman

1990,Advanced studies in MOULT, Paris

1989,The Designer Association of the R.O.C. Award, silver medal

1986,Advanced studies in IDL, France

1984,Established Capital Art Corporation since 1984

1982,Established Capital Print & Design Corporation since 1982