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Jian ChongZhi

China’s famous scenic painter. He is a member of Chinese Artist Association, professor of Art Institute in Sichuan Conservatory of Music, art researcher.

He has been immersed in Altiplano Aba, painting a lot of landscape sketches, using flowery colors and kinds of technique, that show out the communication between nature and his soul. He dedicated his youth and love to the altiplano. As rewards, the nature endue him with inspiration of nature, liberation of painting style and individual drawing language expressing his feelings.

He has participated in many art exhibitions at home and abroad, such as United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions; held personal exhibitions and thematic exhibition in Chengdu, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Jinan and Beijing.

"Clarion in The Dawn" won bronze medal prize of the 6th National Art Exhibition; "Nobleness" won bronze medal prize of the Youth National Art Exhibition; "Rosy Clouds of the Find Day" won silver medal prize of the National Metallurgy Art Exhibition; and totally thirteen works such as "Nobleness" are collected by Chinese Art Museum, and dozens of works are collected by foreign collectors.