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ArtNetworking Special Invitational Exhibition

Historical landmark is home to new art center

KIC-ArtNetworking Center is a multipurpose art center located at Jiangwan Stadium, the biggest Far-east sports center in 1935. With care taken to protect original history, culture, and re-annotation to construction and living style, Jiangwan Stadium has been renewed to become a construction artwork itself. Its gross floor area meets 800 sq.meters, dedicated to promoting excellent artists and their artworks, plus providing a fine communication platform between domestic and foreign artists and art enthusiasts.

Leading with new art concept by international pioneer

ArtNetworking was founded in 1999. It is a company that commits to online and offline promotion of unique and original artwork and art-related projects. Now it has become one of the largest and far-reaching art sites in Asia. ArtNetworking is able to provide comprehensive high quality service to promote this center countrywide and worldwide.

Prospect and Mission

With different culture arts coming into KIC-ArtNetworking Center, a series of painting, sculpture and ceramic exhibitions will be held continually. The center will provide artists with a wide range of art exhibitions service; it will also bring people a new visual art feast with superb new experience. With the strength and connection of “campus, park, community” as well as the effective international network abilities, KIC-ArtNetworking Center will become a creative space to spark art inspiration and lead the sector in the development of a new international art platform.

Times:October 18 - November 18, 2008
Destination: KIC – ArtNetworking Center
Address: Song Hu Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

Represented Artists
Cai Ju Cao Yilin Chen Gukui Chen Huaping
Chen Juyuan Chiara Lukacs Arroyo Qiu Deshu Shan Hong
David W. Dieter Ding Dongya Li Limin Li Zui
Liu Shuchun Gu Gongdu Hu Yuelong Jian Chongzhi
Jin Guangqia Lu Yunhua Shen Jianhua Shen Xiuhua
Shen Ya Song Zhaonian Tang Qikang Wang Baoxing
Wang Jian'er Wei Kang Wei Yifeng Wu Lihua
Xiong Enpu Xu Junhua Xu Mingyao Xu Yixuan
Yang Yihui Yao Haicheng Yao Jinling Ye Shengqin
Zhai Zuhua Zhou Zhou Zhou Peide Zhou Yifan
Louise Adele Hubbard Cao Ruixiang Fan Bingyin Liao JiongMo