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Play in the Sun

The sun in spring is the most fresh, while the air is full of fascinating leisure and pleasure. “Play in the Sun” is the first exhibition of Homeless Gallery in this wonderful season. "Green field" means that the art works in this exhibition are relating to the natural world typically represented by green. Moreover, it also refers to the inner world full of unrestrained and vigorous style that brims with talent.

Artist Xiao Juan probably is an urban bucolic painter. Her works is always themed human and the mysterious yet resting world in her mind, delivering the delicate touching moments in her life. With her ultra-realistic mode of thinking, she fuses her childhood memories with the adult thoughts in reality for re-creation. The simple, unpretentious and casual brushworks always bring endless possibilities to her painting. Possibly only a female artist's delicate and sensitive wisdom can reach such achievements.

The works shown in this exhibition are carefully selected by the painter from her previous work series. After painting people and objects surrounding her, she combined human and animals together in one painting rather than simply focusing on human or animals alone, revealing her creation path growing more flexible. After appreciating her paintings one by one, in the casually-painted works, we can see the vivid leopard, naughty gorillas, lively birds that all tease under the artist's brushworks, making viewers feel admirable and imagining the person who disappeared from the paintings seem to be in the same atmosphere. Hereby all people busy with work are invited to appreciate Xiao Juan's works relying on which you may have a total relaxation as free as on a "green field".

Times:April 13 - June 13, 2013
Destination: Homeless Gallery
Address: 201 Daxue Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

1979 Born in Jiangsu China
2003 Bachelor's Degree from Nanjing Arts Institute
2006 Master's Degree from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute
2006 Teaching at Art and Design Department of Shanghai Institute of Technology
Exhibitions and Awards
2003 Excellence Prize in Chongqing –National Fine Arts Exhibition
2004 Prize of the Year--- 2nd Graduate Students' Works Exhibition at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute
2005 Third Prize—Calligraphy & Painting Exhibition for 10th Anniversary of Chongqing Female Painting and Calligraphy Association
  Second Prize---1st College Students' Art Festival, Chongqing
  "Near, Far" Art Exhibition, Chongqing
  Busan International Print Exhibition, Busan, South Korea
2006 1st Exhibition---Born in 1970s, Shanghai
2008 Contemporary "Symptom" Art Exhibition, Shanghai
2009 "After the Olympic Games in 2009, Xiamen era - new generation of Chinese Art Salon
2010 China-Malaysia Women Artists Exchange Exhibition-2010, Shanghai Penang
  "Variant" —— Arts from Dai Qing, Xiao Juan & Huang Cheng Shanghai
  Shanghai Recommending Exhibition of Works by Young and Middle- Aged Artists, Shanghai
2011年 "Nature and Its Modern Forms" Shanghai

"China Art Weekly Art Festival IV" Dongguan China

2012年 "The Beautiful Women's painting" Hangzhou China
  "The Wing and Painting of Shanghai" Shanghai
  "International Women Artist Exhibition" Vietnam
  "Asian Art Exhibition" Taiwan
  "China Art Weekly Art Festival V" Lanzhou China
  "The New Star Festival" Nanjing China