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Get to know Homeless

In a modern city, everyone is in such a rush just to keep himself busy to make a living. But, have you ever look back and see if you have left a mark on your original ideal? Homeless or wanderer in the present days does not simply imply "roofless"; instead, it is endowed with more extensive meanings. Wandering has been a part of our attitude towards present day lives; regardless of escaping from the reality of life or pursuit of one’s ideal. Just like the saying goes, "Everyone has a heart for wandering."

Our young artist Xu Zhaobing once described modern people's solitude and loneliness in a hyper-realistic way. By implying the legible painting language, he created fairy-tale-like illusions one by one, all of which are related to the common characteristics of individuals in the urban contemporary culture - confusion.

The series work of Animal in this exhibition shows artist’s examination of life, including perplexity, confusion, momentary excitement and inexplicable disappointment. Mostly people choose to wander because of self-reflection. However, one second prior to your wandering, are you in the same state of mind as the artist?

Times:Dec 1 ~ Dec 31, 2012
Destination: Homeless
Address: 201 Daxue Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

1973 Born in Pianguan, Shanxi Province

Graduate from Mongolia Moral University (in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region)

Now, free artist

Solo Exhibition
2011 Awakening the spring fair of Smart Gallery 2011,Shanghai
2010 Group exhibition DUOlun Museum,Shanghai
2009 Exhibition Zhu QizhanArt Museum
2008 China Contemporary Art Document Exhibition, Beijing
  First Vision 99 Creative Center New Year Salon
2007 345 Shanghai Fresh Art Exhibition Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art
  The First VENICE Cyber Biennale

Dragonair Emerging Chinese Artist Awards(DECAA),Art Scene

Warehouse,Shanghai, Hong Kong, Europe Exhibition

2005 Vision Highlight-Shanghai Young Artists Exhibition
  "The Sixth Sense" Solo Exhibition
2001 Shanghai Fine Art Exhibition