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Blissful Buddha's

This exhibition provides a rare opportunity to view the art from one of Myanmar's most talented and successful contemporary artists, Khin Zaw Latt. Although only 26 years old, Khin Zaw Latt's work demonstrates a mature talent and highly developed artistic vision. In this series of paintings he explores his Buddhist heritage, the country's dominant, all-pervasive religion.  But these works are not straightforward depictions of Buddha images. He has combined the traditional image with a contemporary treatment, resulting in a creative tension which makes us look afresh at these timeless icons.

For example, in one group of paintings a faint outline of a Buddha face can be discerned behind floating patches of gold, creating a sense of exotic mystery. Some of these works are on two panels, injecting a startling contemporary look to the age-defying image. In other paintings, Khin Zaw Latt achieves a textured effect through the use of a tiny stamp of a Buddha head, suggesting the immutable and ever-repeating nature of this religion.

As part of the creative process, before picking up his brush, Khin Zaw Latt often sculpts the Buddha head first, which he later distills in two dimensions in his painting. He says that the tactile experience of working the clay helps him to paint "truly".

Times:August 10 – August 31, 2006
Destination: ART50
Address: 50/F, 728 Po Dong Ave, ART50, Novotel Atlantis Shanghai

1980 Born in Laputta, Irrawaddy Division, Myanmar.
1998-2002 B.A, University of Culture, majoring in painting
2002 "Simple Poem", Yangon
  NACG, Yangon
2003 "Mother Art" Exhibition, Yangon

Myanmar Contemporary Art Award Exhibition of Finalists, Strand Hotel, Yangon

  Myanmar Contemporary Art Award Exhibition of Finalists, Hong Kong
  Sound Art Exhibition, Singapore
2005 Contemporary Art Exhibition, Yangon Art Exhibition, Yangon
  "Two Burmese Brothers", Two Men Show Hong Kong
2006 "X" Mas Season Art Exhibition in Yangon
  "Two Burmese Brothers 2", Two Men Show Hong Kong
  "Blissful Buddha's", Solo Exhibition, Shanghai, China
  "Quiet Wind" – five Burmese artists, San Francisco, USA
  "To Tranquility" Art Exhibition in Hong Kong
  "Myanmar Scene" Art Exhibition in Hong Kong
  "Singapore Art Fair" in Singapore
  "Myanmar Three Artists" Art Exhibition in Palm Beach, USA
2007 "Photos by Painters" Exhibition, Yangon
  "Two Burmese Brothers" Two Men Show, Nepal
  "Homage to Buddha" Art Exhibition in Hong Kong
  "Myanmar Contemporary Art Exhibition" in Washington, USA
  "Eternal Bliss" Solo Art Exhibition in Hong Kong

Myanmar Contemporary Art Award Exhibition of Finalist, Strand Hotel, Yangon

  "Art Tree" Exhibition in Yangon
  "Square Collection" Exhibition, Yangon
  "Vision of Myanmar" Two Men Show, Art Exhibition in USA
  "Simplicity" Solo Art Exhibition in Hong Kong
2009 "Crowdscapes" Solo Exhibition, The Strand Hotel, Yangon
  "Nagis Fund" Exhibition, Yangon

"Aesthetic Rain" Exhibition, Yangon

  "Two Burmese Brothers" Two Men Show in Greenwich ct, USA
  Finalist Exhibition of 2008 Sovereign Asian Art Award, HK
  "Asia Contemporary" Art Exhibition, HK
2010 "Art Tree" Exhibition, Yangon
  Myanmar Art & Culture Lecture, Group Show -Boston, USA
  Sovereign Asian Art Prize, Finalist Exhibition, HK
  Myanmar Contemporary Art Exhibition, HK
  "Moving Forward" Solo Show, HK
  "My Myanmar" Solo Show, BKK, Thailand
  "New Beginning" Group show, Princeton, USA
2011 Myanmar National Portrait Competition 2011, FINALIST exhibition, The Strand Hotel, Yangon
  "Shikra" Group show, Yangon
  "Introduction of Current Works"; Solo Show, Yangon
  "Eye on Burma" Group Show, the East Gallery, Toronto Canada
  "Affordable Art Fair", Singapore
2012 "A ten year Story", Yangon
  "Hope Charity Show";, Yangon
  "Big Bigger Biggest";Art Exhibition, Yangon
  "Magic Water" watercolor Exhibition, Yangon
  Burma Rising, Art Exhibition, Hamptons, NY, USA
  "7th Annual Summer Exhibition", HK
  "The East Gallery Anniversary Show", Toronto, Canada
  "Affordable Art Fair", Singapore
2000 Second Prize at Myanmar Youth Art Contest, Yangon
2004 Honorary mention at Myanmar Contemporary Art Award, Yangon
2008 First Prize at Myanmar Contemporary Art Awards 2008, Yangon
2009 Finalist at Sovereign Art Award 2009, HK
2011 First Prize at Myanmar National Portrait Competition 2011, River Gallery, Yangon