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Surprising Color from Chile

The exhibition “Surprising Color from Chile” by the Chilean artist Julieta Santa María, represents her latest style. Julieta Santa María´s paintings are full of color, which is the main element of her work of art. The power and beauty of these colors brings live to the lifeless elements, transferring a strong sense of energy to the spectators.

With specially chosen fabrics and oils, the artist experiments with an amazing spectrum of colors that allows the eye witness to open its mind into a surrealist world, where simple and daily objects leads us to a magical experience of vitality and happiness.

Art mainly is the reflection of the inner life of the artist and Julieta Santa Maria magisterially stamp this in her work. She is grateful of what life has given to her and she is willing to share this with us as well her inner world through her art.

Times:October 10 – December 5, 2007
Destination: ART50
Address: 50/F, 728 Po Dong Ave, Novotel Atlantis Shanghai

Born in Santiago, Chile. Along her career she tried different techniques in areas like polychrome, vitraux, ceramic, drawing and oil painting.
Light and color are the basic elements of her painting, which dignifies the simplest objects, combining them in a way that her work becomes nevertheless harmonious and powerful.
Interior Designs 1982
Ceramics 1985.
Florentine Art 1988.
Vitreaux 1991.
Painting and drawing with Carmen Silva 1992
Oil painting with Juan Ibarra 1994-1999
Drawing with Eva Lefever 1995-1996
Latest Exhibitions
July- August 2003. Olavinlinha Castle, Savonlinna, Finland.
August-September 2003. Taidesalonki Piirto, Helsinki, Finland
December 2003. Taidesalonki Piirto, Helsinki, Finland.

January-February. Taidesalonki Piirto, Helsinki, Finland.

July-August 2004. Gallerianna-Savonlinna, Finland.

July-August 2007. Gallerianna-Savonlinna, Finland.

My painting truly reflects my personality. In my work is possible to appreciate the joy of live and the permanent search of color which are brought by my childhood memories.

Through my wonderful traveling experiences around the world, I have always associated the places where I have been with certain colors. Those colors are captured in my work.

At the beginning of my career I was mostly interested in the forms of the objects and how to exactly represent them as they were.

Nowadays my paintings have developed toward a greater focus on the colors rather than forms. These colors come to the fabric as a result of my emotions and inspiration, without necessarily matching the reality.